Airbnb Cancellation Guide

With lockdown initiated and worldwide travel all but suspended, it’s likely many will have Airbnb reservations that need cancelling. Airbnb have released an extenuating circumstances policy in light of COVID-19.

What does the policy state?

Within the policy, Airbnb have laid out their new cancellation guidelines relating to the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether your covered depends on when your booking was made.

The booking was made on or before 14th March 2020

Any reservations made for stays on or before 14th March 2020 with a check in date between 14th March 2020 – 31 May 2020 are covered by the policy and may be cancelled before the check in date. There are a variety of refund options available for guests and hosts can cancel without charge. Airbnb will either:

  • Refund the guest
  • Issue travel credits that include service fees

If you’re looking to cancel using the policy, you’ll need to attest to the fact and/or provide the right supporting documents for the extenuating circumstances. If a check in date has already passed then the booking is not covered by the policy. 

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The booking was made after 14th March 2020

If your booking was made after 14th March 2020, then the booking is not covered by the extenuating circumstances policy. The only exception is if either the guest or host are currently sick with COVID-19. There are some things not covered by COVID-19 related circumstances including:

  • Transportation cancellations and disruption
  • Travel restrictions
  • Health advisories 
  • Quarantines
  • Changes to law
  • Other government mandates (border closures, evacuation orders etc)

In this instance, the host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual. If you’re in doubt over whether you’re covered or not, make sure to get in touch with the Airbnb customer services team who will be able to assist you. 

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Can I cancel a regular Airbnb booking?

When it comes to regular Airbnb bookings, outside of the policy, there is a free cancellation period up to 14 days before the check in date (the time will be shown in your confirmation email).

As an example:

If the booking was made on April 1st for May 1st, free cancellation is available up to April 16th. 

 If your booking was made less than 14 days before the booking is due to take place you can cancel for free up to 48 hours after the booking was made and up to 24 hours before the check in time. 

As an example:

If your booking was made on April 1st and the check in date was April 3rd at 12pm you can cancel the booking between the date the booking was made and April 2nd at 12pm. If you cancel less than 24 hours before, your first night will be charged and is non-refundable.

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How do I view my reservation?

If you’re wanting to view your reservation to see if you’re eligible for, you need to go to the My Trips section of your Airbnb profile. Here you can also find the following information:

  • Reservations Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation and Refund options

If you’re a host, you’ll also find similar information in your hosting dashboard. 

How do I contact Airbnb?

If you’re looking to contact Airbnb directly, you simply need to call the Airbnb contact number and you can speak directly to one of the customer services team. You can also use their @Airbnbhelp Twitter account to speak to one of their team.

If you’re wanting to speak to your host you can do this via the app or message them on the Airbnb website to discuss your options further.