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Contact Numbers UK is a directory system that allows easy access to a database of telephone numbers. Telephone numbers that connect you through to the relevant department within that organisation.

Contact Numbers UK company search bar gives you the ability to search our extensive list of UK contact numbers. Simply type your required company in the “Who do you want to call?” field and let us do the rest. We have created a database and provide you with numbers for major worldwide companies.

Contact Numbers UK has a simple policy of helping you the end customer get connected. At Contact Numbers UK we understand that getting a telephone for many businesses can be difficult and tiresome. Our extensive database and very easy to use search facility removes this hassle.

Please note that we are in no way associated with the businesses and companies with whom we provide the contact numbers.

Please always obtain the bill payers permission before dialling.

UK Contacts Numbers

Online Shopping and Supermarkets

We have an extensive list of contact numbers for some of the worlds major shopping brands, meaning you can contact them at your convenience. This includes the likes of:

Holiday and Travel

Choosing the right holiday provider can be a difficult task, so we have collected some of the top holiday brands and travel services contact numbers together so you can get in touch with them and find the best deals available. You can choose from:

Hotels and Accommodation

Booking and finding hotels can be a difficult task so we’ve made life easier for you by compiling some of the top hotel and accomodation booking agencies in the UK. Find their details here:

TV, Broadband and Telephone

There are a multitude of television, broadband and telephone companies for you to choose from, and their contact numbers are notoriously hard to find. We can provide you with contact details for some of the UK’s top brands such as:

Government Departments and Benefits

The government has a number of different departments you can contact, as well as different benefits that you can claim in certain situations. Here are some of the departments that you might need to contact:

Banks and Insurance

Nearly everyone has a bank account and insurance of some kind, so naturally, you will want to contact your bank regarding transactions, overdrafts and other general enquiries. You may also want to contact your insurance company regarding any claims you might have or to find out more about insurance policies. Here are some of the banks and insurance companies that you can call:

Utility Providers

Any homeowner will at some point have contact with a utility company regarding your water, gas and energy bills. We have compiled some of the top utility brands that you can contact with any enquiries:


There are a number of courier services across the UK who deliver your parcels ordered from other websites. You can contact them directly to enquire about the whereabouts of your parcel, or to find out its delivery time. You can find their contact details here: