A Guide to O2 Priority Rewards

When looking for our next phone deal many companies try to bring you in through selling additional services and rewards to help them stand out against competitors. This sometimes includes added freebies such as branded headphones and games consoles. This is often done through exclusive services and discounts or even access to events and other popular items. 

One of the best companies for their added extras is O2, with O2 Rewards looking after pay as you go customers and O2 Priorities looking after paying monthly customers.

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O2 Rewards

For customers on Pay-as-you-go with O2, you’re entitled to O2 Rewards. With O2 rewards O2 calculates how much you have topped up your phone each quarter (3 months) and gives you back 10% or 5% if you’ve been with them less than 6 months. They’ll send you notifications on when you can claim your rewards as well as how much you have available to claim. The maximum you can save per quarter is £150.

You can choose whether to claim this reward straight away as a top-up or you can save up your rewards and build up bigger discounts. If you choose to save your rewards you can build up to rewards including high street vouchers, extra credit, money off your next phone or you can even get money off O2 gig or show tickets!

To make sure you don’t miss out on your rewards it’s important to remember and claim or save your rewards before the end of the quarter as anything that isn’t claimed will be lost. To redeem your rewards there’s a few different ways so you don’t miss out.

  • Through Priority – if you have a Smartphone you can redeem in the Priority App and website.
  • Text either CLAIM or SAVE to 50202.
  • You can call the Rewards IVR on 313.
  • Log on to the Rewards website.
  • Via O2 Customer Services.
  • In Retail stores

 What do you get with O2 Priorities?

O2 priorities focus on returning pay monthly customers. People that have a monthly payment for either a sim only or phone and sim contract are entitled to O2 Priority. Here customers can get more rewards compared to the O2 Reward scheme.

With O2 sponsorship covering entertainment from across the board including sporting events, music arena’s and shows the discounts and offers available can be suited to just about everyone. From fitness passes and coaching sessions, romantic escapes and sell out gigs there isn’t a dull moment when on O2 priorities. As well as these offers and events, O2 also offers amazing discounts from many high street and online stores. You also have access to exclusive access to O2 priority tickets and entertainment and some amazing prize draws.

Exclusive offers

With the O2 brand and sponsorship reaching far and wide in 2020 the number of exclusive offers you can get both on the high street and online is incredible.  From dining out in popular restaurants for only £10 to private shopping events with extra discounts applied, you’d be a fool not to find out what else you can get off with your O2 Priorities.


Fancy a free lunch on O2? Or what about some free prosecco? Well, when you’re with O2 you can earn some amazing rewards such as these for no extra cost. These offers come in partnership with your high street restaurants such as Pizza Express and All Bar One giving you the opportunity to make the most of your day after shopping with O2 priorities. You can then dine using them as well.     


One of the more useful parts to priorities for families is the Priority Play. With this exclusive offer you’re able to get discounts on amazing days out in places across the country giving you an endless way to keep the kids involved and out of trouble. Whether you fancy learning about life underwater at Sea Life London Aquarium, live the life of at the adventure in Bear Grylls Adventure or enjoy a day of discovery at the Legoland Manchester. All these days out, come with 50% off gate tickets so you can enjoy your day without worrying about your wallet.

As well as for kids, O2 Play can also be beneficial for adults. Why not joy some more adventurous and exciting days out, with Virgin Experience Days you can take on great feats and get that adrenaline rush through track days and sky diving opportunities to relaxing spa days and chocolate tasting sessions. 

You can also grab exclusive deals in O2 events and arenas to make your days out a little more enjoyable for everyone.


There are many ways people can find to unwind and destress. With many companies and businesses putting more focus on mental wellbeing and stress levels it has never been more important for you to find yours. With O2 Priority and Broadways Travel you can get discounts on flying around the world. Be tempted into enjoying the white sandy beaches of Phuket or exploring the amazing cities of Europe such as Portugal’s’ Madeira or even Poland’s city of culture, Krakow

If you like to unwind a bit closer to home, then you’re in luck as well. With offers including discounts on spa weekends and cottage getaways, the sound of peace and quiet is a lot closer than you think.

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If you find relaxation through retail therapy, then O2 has got you covered. With discounts and offers spanning across many high street retailers, you can go out shopping without stressing so much about your pocket. Many of these offers come for a limited amount of time and you’ll be notified through the app on any special offers occurring, so it pays to pay attention to the O2 priority app. They also host VIP shopping events for Priority customers at places such as Icon outlet store where you can grab yourself a free glass of prosecco whilst you shop along with extra discounts exclusive to O2 priority.

Prize draws

When you become part of O2 priorities you’ll be able to enter into their exclusive prize draws. With so many prize draws occurring in the year, it seems impossible not to win at some point. Prizes can vary from a year’s worth of gym membership and supplements so you can smash your goal of getting fit this 2020. They also offer prizes on their new phones and contracts as well as the ability to win tickets to huge events such as a VIP experience at the O2 as well as watching Trevor Noah on his Loud and Clear tour. There this and so much more when it comes to the O2 Priority prize draws.

Priority tickets

One of the biggest perks to O2 Priority is Priority Tickets, with this perk you get early access to gigs and events going on at the O2 and other O2 academies. With access to tickets 48 hours before general release, giving you the opportunity to get the seats you want and the best experience possible. Each year the O2 and their academies host an amazing set of artists such as James Arthur, The Script and Lana Del Rey but also host entertainment acts and events such as the Harlem Globetrotters, UFC fight nights and much more.

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The App 

With so many offers and deals on O2 Priority it only seems sensible to keep the all in one easy to find location. With smartphones taking over now it only seems fitting to move away from texting in for your rewards and to place them all on the O2 Priorities app. Here you can find out the latest deals and offers available online and instore, what offers are close by to you and when they are going to expire. They’ll also be able to send you discount vouchers and codes for you to use straight away for those quick discount opportunities. 

How to Claim

It’s easy to get involved in O2 priorities and Rewards and only takes a few seconds to sort. If you are wanting to earn O2 rewards on a pay as you go, then it is simply a matter of texting rewards to 50202. You will then start to accumulate your rewards over the next three months then you will have to choose whether to claim or save your rewards.

If you’re wanting to take part in O2 Priorities, then all you have to do is register your account online through the company’s website. You can then find out what rewards you’re entitled to on the website. You can also download and sign into the App to have all your rewards available to you at the tap of a finger.

Best Deals on o2

In order to get any of these deals it is essential that you are with O2, if you’re not with O2 but are looking to join them then take a look at some of our recommended deals and offers they have for new customers. 

man holding a smartphone near the window

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the next generation of Samsung’s flagship phones. Bringing together the fastest internet connection, quad lens camera and one of the highest and fastest resolution camera’s going. Making the claim of the best camera phone going in the market you can make the most of the 108- megapixel rear camera, as well as the 100x, zoom you can get a close up from just about anywhere. With O2 you can preorder or upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for £40.00 upfront and £47/ month and receive a free pair of wireless Galaxy Buds+. This is the most exciting offer available on O2 with this plan also coming with Rolling airtime 

iPhone 11 pro

With the latest edition of the Apple family, the iPhone 11 pro, you may think a lot has changed between the old and the new and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking so. Although the front of the phone hasn’t changed since the 10 the rear camera has taken a huge upgrade to it. With a lot of focus being put onto the camera by Apple you can see with the 3 lenses that their efforts have paid off with great variations in camera angles available. This amazing iPhone is available for £58/ a month for 36 months when you pay £30 upfront. With this, you get 15gb data as well as unlimited calls and texts.


Is O2 Rewards & Priority a free service?

O2 Rewards is a free benefit of any O2 customer whether they are paid as you go or pay monthly. O2 Priority is only available for Pay monthly customers. Their services are free and shouldn’t be asked to pay for the added service at any point.

Do I get charged for data when using priorities on my handset?

If you’re using O2 priorities over your network coverage, then you will be charged the rate of which is stated in your contract. 

Are there any limitations when claiming O2 priority offers?

Due to the high demand for certain offers, there can sometimes simply not be enough discount codes to go around and can lead to some people missing out on certain offers if they aren’t quick enough. This is why we say it is important to stay vigilant when using the app to make sure you don’t miss out on the best offers.

There are many reasons to join O2 from their great service and reception, amazing offers and deals on the most up to date handsets and most of all their O2 priority rewards. There aren’t many other companies that will offer you so much for what you pay for. To find out more make sure to visit the O2 website or if you have any other question give them a call through the O2 customer services where they will be happy to help with any of your problems or queries.