A Guide to Christmas Food Shopping

When Christmas comes around most of our time gets spent thinking, finding and buying presents for our loved ones. So much so that when it comes to Christmas dinner you’ve completely forgotten how many people are to eating with you! Who’s supposed to be eating what? and who’s bringing the turkey?!

All this can cause a lot of stress for the person cooking it all but also guilt for those who aren’t. To avoid all this commotion the best thing to do is be prepared and ready for everything to come.

The easiest way to be prepared is to have this sorted is by ordering in… not a takeaway but ordering your Christmas dinner online whilst you’re relaxed in your own home. This allows you to confidently sort out what’s needed for the dinner making sure that everyone is accounted for. The only stress you have to go through now, is when everything has to go in the oven. 

We’ve compared how a Christmas meal for 4 will fare at 4 of the top supermarkets, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and M&S. We compared them in different areas including their selection, prices and delivery we look at where to go online for the most harmonious Christmas dinner of 2019.

Xmas Dinner


The turkey is generally the centrepiece of the whole banquet. This normally is done in two ways; a turkey crown, the turkey breasts on their own, or a full turkey. What you get is dependent on the size of the party.  For our comparisons we have looked to see what the best option available was from each supermarket as well as looking at their range to offer.


Sainsbury’s offer a wide range of turkeys for Christmas. From crowns to full turkeys, frozen to pre-basted, Sainsbury’s has a turkey for any sized party or any level of cook. These turkey’s range in price depending on whether they are organic or free-range however all turkeys are priced around £5.40 per KG. For many of the turkeys, you will have to preorder a delivery slot for between December the 20th and 23rd in order to receive your turkey in time.

Our dinner for 4 – full Turkey serves 3 – 6, £11.00


When looking for a turkey in Tesco you have many options centred around what type of turkey you’re after. Similarly, to Sainsbury’s you can pick whether you would like it as a crown, basted or free-range. Although all tempting, they vary largely in price. For a free-range bird you’ll be spending around £10/KG for a full turkey, however, you’ll be paying £14/KG for a free-range turkey crown. 

Our dinner for 4 – Basted turkey joint serves 6, £10.00

Xmas dinner


When looking for centrepiece turkeys Morrisons didn’t offer as much of a selection as other supermarkets. However, they do have their turkeys on offer. Unlike other stores, Morrisons shows their range of different turkeys and other birds available. Then, you to decide how big you require the bird to be. This helps cut out indecisiveness and confusion about what bird to get. Their turkeys’ range in price from £6.75/Kg for a bronzed free-range turkey, to £10/KG for their free-range Marbury Red turkey.

Our dinner for 4 – full free-range Bronze Turkey serves 3 – 4, £16.54


With Marks and Spencers, their selection is around making your experience shopping for dinner to be a lot simpler. With this, they have set up a way to find the perfect dinner around your guest size. For your centrepieces, they offer a complete range of birds and meats, from goose, turkey and duck to porchetta, gammon and even a 3-game roast. All these pieces are collection only with many of the turkeys being out of stock.

Our dinner for 4 – Turkey breast parcel 3 – 6, £27.00

Xmas dinner table

Vegan options

In this coming time, many of us now opt to go for a vegetarian or vegan option. With so much focus on having a bird or meat as the centrepiece, many supermarkets offer little when it comes to an alternative option for these guests. Looking at our top 4 supermarkets we decided to see what we could get.


In terms of their centrepiece selection, Sainsbury’s offers a few different pieces. From a nut roast to mushroom parcels and filled Yorkshire puddings you have a few options to help fill your plate with a centrepiece. They also offer shroompups in blankets as a pig replacement.

Our dinner for 4 – nut roast with cranberry glaze £5.00


Tesco offers a great range of vegan and vegetarian alternatives for your centrepiece. From stuffed butternut squash to sweet potato and red cabbage Christmas Log. Many of these options are under Tesco’s finest, delivering quality food to your Christmas dinner table.

Our dinner for 4 – sweet potato and red cabbage Christmas Log, £10.00


If you’re looking to get your vegetarian dinner from Morrisons you’ll be in short supply on Christmas day. With only 4 options available for a vegan centrepiece your table may look bare. Despite this selection being limited already, two of these products are both in fact nut roasts, the others in your selection include mushroom wellington or a vegetable tart.

Our dinner for 4 – mushroom wellington, £8.00

Christmas dinner table


Sadly, with M&S their vegan selection is even smaller. With only 1 centrepiece available this is the most restricting selection out of them all. The only centrepiece left available is the butternut, almond & pecan roast at £7.50.

Who wins?

When looking to order our Christmas dinners we looked at getting the traditional dinner including, Brussel Sprouts, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, gravy and all the trimmings. We’ve considered their range for Christmas dinner along with their price to determine our decision.


When looking for Christmas dinner at Sainsbury’s their selection of food both as centrepieces and sides allowed you to accommodate for a wide variety of guests with the ability to keep everyone happy. In terms of price, Sainsbury’s offered the most cost-effective dinner totalling around £50 overall. 


Although when the best turkey on offer is a turkey joint, Tesco can accommodate better for large parties. They boast a wide range of Christmas food along with online recipes to help you cook up a storm this Christmas. In terms of price, you can’t argue paying around £55 for a Christmas dinner for four with the option to buy Christmas dinner packages or trios.

Christmas table


Although offering deals on their Christmas food Morrisons still seems to be more expensive than then previous 2 shops. Their selection of foods is a bit more selective although their food seems to be freshly sourced offering a greater more flavoursome Christmas dinner. 


M&S offered the highest quality of food from our range of Supermarkets. Although with this quality came an expensive price tag, overall the M&S Christmas dinner for 4 costs just over £100. A great thing about the M&S site is how you are guided through your dinner. If you’re happy to have what M&S recommends then you are in for an easy ride, with many of their food items coming in package deals based on serving sizes you can have your Christmas dinner ordered in no time.

Sadly, despite this quick service and price the range of festive food provided was very reduced due to much of it being out of stock already or limited due to the layout of their system.