A Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday brings back memories of overnight queues and races to the biggest television as soon as the doors open. It’s one of the biggest sales in the world. This tradition originates from America. It started over 60 years ago and slowly became a highlight of the retail calendar since 2005. Some of the biggest retailers slash prices on their more expensive products such as big TV’s, computers and other non-essential products. Now it has expanded to a wider range of items including clothes, cosmetics and even holidays. It has become a way for retailers to sell items that they’re struggling to sell throughout the year by creating demand through sales and limited-time offers. 

Black Friday sale

When is Black Friday?

As this originally comes from America, the tradition is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Although this isn’t a traditional holiday in the US, California and some other states allow the “day after Thanksgiving” to be a holiday for those who work for the state like other federal holidays such as Labour day.

This year that Friday falls on November the 29th and generally lasts over the whole weekend. It’s rumoured that due to the lateness of Black Friday this year that the sales and deals available will be available at the start of the week. This is due to how close this sale is to Christmas, leaving customers less time to get the best deals on gifts. It’s also so that the companies can make as many sales as possible during the limited time period.

Family shopping

What brands to look out for 

With the popularity of these sales growing throughout the retail high-street, more and more retailers are following the trend. Allowing you to get discounted goods across the products range. Where you should look depends on what types of products you are looking for. John Lewis is one of the better Black Friday examples as they made record sales last year in that week.

If you’re after discounts in clothing and fashion, then you should head for Topshop or New look as they have had years of experience in Black Friday sales. Topshop already has a countdown to the day on their site. 

Another place to look is online, with retailers such as Amazon and Littlewoods highlighting their sales incoming for the 29th of November. These online retailers allow customers to get great deals on many different items without having to stay up all night or even leave the comfort of your own home.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

  • Prioritise your list
    • When making your list of items you’re wanting to buy it’s key to prioritise which products are more important. Making this list will help make sure that you get your must-haves before they’re gone. There is no point leaving the big TV till the end as by then it may already be gone. 
  • Shop with a friend
    • Not only is it more enjoyable to shop with a friend, it can be useful as well! If there are a few must-have items on your list, you can work as a team to find them and get the most out of the sales. Your friend can go to appliances and get the TV whilst you are on makeup getting the discounted foundation.
  • Plan ahead
    • Once you have made your list it’s time to find out which stores are needed to be visited first. Once you have made your list you can work out which stores are having the biggest sales on these items. You can then find out the route of the shops you’ll need to take in order to make the most of the sales event. 
  • Not everything is a deal 
    • Not everything advertised on Black Friday is a deal. Although they may advertise that they’ve cut the prices of every product this might not be the lowest they will be going. With Christmas coming up shortly after, the prices for these products may reduce even further in the run-up to Christmas. This means you could save even more for those presents.
Black Friday