9 Simple But Effective Ways to Winter-proof Your Home

A toasty warm home and lower energy bills? You can count us in. Take time to winter-proof your home for the sub-zero months, it pays off.

Heating your home isn’t cheap, but you can get your money’s worth by locking the warmth in this winter. From putting kitchen foil behind your radiators to looking after your pipes…

Wrap your pipes in lagging

Here’s a cheap way to stop the pipes outside and in the coldest parts of your home from freezing and blocking up – like in your garage, for example. Cover them with foam tubes (lagging) and tie it on with cable ties.

Put kitchen foil behind your radiators

Kitchen foil reflects the heat back into your room, helping you to stay warm and save money on your energy bills. You can use foil with a bit of cardboard or buy specialist radiator foil, both do the same job.

The heat will circulate more freely around you room if you keep your radiators as clear as possible, so try and move any furniture away from them.

Heat your home for an hour a day

Heating your home for at least an hour every day will keep your boiler working properly. But don’t forget to check the pressure first. Look at the dial or digital display on the front of your boiler or beneath it – the pressure should be on about one bar. If it’s higher or lower, ask a Gas Safe engineer to fix it.

To feel the most benefit, set the heating to come on 15-30 minutes before you need it and to go off 30 minutes before you go to bed. Think it’s cheaper to keep your central heating on all the time on a lower setting? British Gas say that’s a myth.

Bleed your radiators

Obvious to some, but easily forgotten by others. Trapped air in your radiator stops the heat from circulating properly, which is why it’s cold at the top and hot at the bottom.

To bleed your radiators – switch the heating off, get a cloth and a radiator key. Turn the valve at the top of your radiator anti-clockwise until you hear a hiss – this is the air coming out. Tighten it back up when water starts flowing.


Clear your gutters

Getting rid of the sticks and leaves will help your guttering carry water away from your home – preventing damp seeping into your walls and wreaking havoc.

Pour warm salt water down your drains

Salt cuts through the grime lurking in your pipes, scouring it away to keep the water flowing freely away from your home.

Be energy smart

Ask your energy supplier about smart meters. They show you how much energy you’re using in pounds and pennies, showing you how much you’re using and how to make savings.

Block the draught out

Position draught excluders at the bottom of your doors and windows to seal the gaps. Cover your windows in secondary glazing film, if you don’t have double glazing – four windows worth of film shouldn’t cost you more than £8. And keep every door closed to lock the heat into each room.

Open your curtains

If you have south facing windows, they let more light and therefore heat into your home – so keep your curtains open throughout the day and shut them when the sun goes down, to lock the heat in.

Struggling to pay your electricity bills?

British Gas’ ‘Warm Home Discount’ scheme could give you a one-off £140 payment – in the form of extra credit on your electricity account, meter or key. It’s open for applications now. So if you’re a pension credit customer or an existing British Gas customer who meets their requirements – call British Gas direct today.