7 Awesome Box Sets on Sky Right Now

Need a new box set to binge on? Whether you like action-packed criminal dramas or superhero thrillers, here’s what’s good on TV right now…

Those of you with Sky are spoilt for choice with over 350 television series vying for your attention across 50 channels – it’s the widest range of catch up TV channels in the UK. But here’s how you whittle down your options. From brand new series to old favourites…

1. Blacklist

Like gunfights, explosions and gory stabbings? Then the first three series of Blacklist, available now on Sky, should be at the top of your list. It sees America’s most wanted criminal, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington team up with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen to eliminate 10 terrorists and villains on their ‘blacklist’. You’ll delve into Keen’s troubled childhood and watch the worst villains get beaten to a pulp.

2. Lucky Man

Stan Lee co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man and dozens more of the most famous superheroes, including Lucky Man – so you can expect his TV box set to be up there with the best. In fact, the 10-part drama was Sky 1’s most watched original drama series ever, averaging 1.9 million viewers an episode from January to March 2016 – and you can re-watch it from 24th October 2016.

Harry Clayton is a troubled London cop, whose outrageous gambling habit led to his wife and child leaving him. But the morning after a passionate night with a mystery woman, he wakes up wearing a bronze bracelet – which gives him the ability to control his own luck. And boy does he need it, he’s immediately suspected of murdering a casino owner.

3. Westworld

Now for Sky’s newest offering, a chaotic drama inspired by Michael Crichton’s original 1973 sci-fi thriller – Westworld. It’ll whisk you away to a dystopian future, specifically, a theme park run by robots where the wealthy humans pretend they’re cowboys in the old American Wild West. It’s only a matter of time, however, before the robots become conscious and start to question what’s happening to them. So chaos inevitably ensues.

4. Hooten and The Lady

Like Indianna Jones? Well, Hooten and The Lady will be right up your alley. Here, rogue American adventurer Ulysses Hooten and British Museum curator Lady Alexandra team up and travel the planet on a treasure hunt, which sees them in a new country every episode – from South Africa to Kuala Lumpur, Egypt and beyond. Of course, these things never go smoothly, so you’ll get a heavy dose of peril and drama along the way.

5. The Night Of

A Sky Atlantic drama watched over 2.5 million times on demand, The Night Of is another cracking murder drama. When college student Nasir Khan drives his dad’s taxi to a party in New York, Andrea mistakes him for a real cabbie. They have a drug-filled night of passion, but when Khan wakes up, he finds her stabbed to death in her apartment – so he flees, leaving everyone to suspect his guilt. The box set will hook you in with a ‘who-dunnit’ theme. Did he kill her?

6. Marvel’s Agent Carter

Marvel fans assemble, you have 18 episodes to catch up on here. It’s 1946 and Howard Stark has been framed for supplying deadly weapons to America’s enemies – accused of treason, he turns to Peggy Carter to get him out of the pickle. While working as a secretary in the Strategic Scientific Reserve, she teams up with Stark’s butler Edwin Jarvis to get him off the hock.

7. Outcast

The Walking Dead was good, but creator Robert Kirkman may have gone one better with Outcast – a 10-episode gothic horror series starting fresh on Sky. It’s not for the fainthearted, but the brave among you will meet Kyle Barnes and slowly discover why he’s possessed by demons… which isn’t. Fortunately, Preacher Reverend Anderson is on hand to help him get his life back.

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