4 Ways to Celebrate Pancake Day Like Never Before

Frying pans at the ready, it’s Pancake Day on Tuesday 28th February 2017, and it’s your chance to do something off the wall…

Us Brits are expected to devour a whopping 2.5 million pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, marking the 40 days of Lent in the run up to Easter. But who said you had to scoff run of the mill lemon and sugar pancakes? From pancake art to races through medieval streets, dare to celebrate differently this year – here’s how…

1. Whip up edible masterpieces

If you thought successfully flipping your pancake was tricky, prepare to be amazed, because pancake artists like Daniel Drake can render everyone from Lady Gaga to Nemo in delicious pancake form.

Of course, you can’t expect to recreate Justin Bieber’s face on your first try, so start with easy peasy shapes – draw love hearts on your frying pan with a squeezy bottle of pancake batter.

2. Run the 700 year old pancake race

For 700 years, Rippon’s Shrove Tuesday Race has seen everyone from kids to clergy legging it through medieval streets, flipping pancakes as they go – when the Cathedral bell tolls at 11am. Dressing up in period costume is a huge part of the fun, as is the pancake feast after the race.

Whether you don your apron to run or cheer from the side-lines, Pancake Day races make for a fun day out up and down the country – so get out of the kitchen and have a piece of the action.

3. Experiment with eccentric toppings


If you can’t go wild with your toppings on Pancake Day, when can you? Before you reach for the lemon and sugar or Nutella, give ASDA’s crazy combo generator a whirl for oddball ideas like bacon, strawberries and squirty cream. Alternatively, check out their more sophisticated savoury recipes – think spinach pancakes stuffed with cheese and rolled up like enchiladas, a German pancake topped with cinnamon apples or a sweet potato pancake.

Tesco also offer a slew of unusual, yet tasty, tips for Pancake Day, like Korean prawn and spring onion toppings – give your taste buds the chance to try something new.

4. Try vegan or go gluten and dairy free

Want a healthier and more wholesome take on Pancake Day? Swap your milk for soymilk, coconut milk or hemp milk. Or your plain flour for gluten free alternatives, such as a Doves Farm or a mix of brown and white rice flours, buckwheat flour, gluten free oat flour and cornmeal. No one should miss out on one of the tastiest holidays of the year!

Excited for Pancake Day? Whether you’re cooking them from scratch or using a quick and easy all in one mix, find all the equipment and ingredients you need at your local supermarket.

For a basic pancake recipe you’ll need:

120g plain flour, 2 eggs, 210ml milk, sunflower oil for frying,  lemon and sugar for sprinkling, from the likes of Tesco, Co-op, Morrisons and Asda – who also have this handy guide.

How to whip them up like a Pancake Day professional

  • Sieve your flour for the smoothest batter – over beating your mix to get the lumps out creates more gluten, making your pancakes chewier
  • Use a large whisk to get more air into your pancake batter, rather than a spoon or spatula, and let your mix rest before frying it
  • Apply oil to your pan with a paper towel to cook your pancakes evenly
  • Only flip your pancake once – over-flipping will knock the air out. So wait until the little air bubbles burst on the top of your pancake, and go for it, flip it over.