4 Fantastic Ways Tesco is Now Beating All Other Supermarkets

Vegetables in kid-pleasing shapes, contactless Clubcards and a mobile phone deal for just £6 a month, leaving you more money for your food shop – Tesco has found novel ways to outdo the likes of Morrisons, Asda and Marks & Spencer.

Which idea are you happiest about?

1. This Tesco Mobile Deal is just £6 a month


Staying in touch with your friends and family just got a whole lot cheaper if you own your own mobile, because you can now get a SIM-only deal for as little as £6 a month from Tesco Mobile. That gives you a whopping 5,000 texts, 250 minutes and 500MB of data usage, plus you’ll get money off bills and Clubcard points when you put a second phone on the bill, thanks to Tesco Family Perks.

Call to switch to Tesco Mobile, after checking which mobile network offers the best perks and reading how to change mobile providers, but keep your current phone number.

2. There’s a new veggie range the kids will love


Cook the kids a healthy meal they’ll eat without protest, using scrummy butternut squash stars and sweet potato smiley faces from Tesco’s brand new novelty vegetable range – you can’t buy ready prepared vegetables like this from any other supermarket and 250g costs a parent-pleasing £1.50.

3. Collecting Clubcard Points is now easier than ever


Order one of Tesco’s contactless Clubcards and tap it at the checkout, as you would a contactless payment card, to collect your points immediately. You’ll get 1 point for every £1 you spend instore or online and on Tesco Mobile, for every £2 spent on Tesco Fuel and every £4 of your Tesco Mortgage.

If you’re not saving your points for a big occasion like Christmas, you can access your vouchers at the checkout – and soon you’ll have more choice of rewards than ever before, because Tesco are adding to their list of partners, which already features the likes of Thorpe Park and Uber, Pizza Express and Merlin Entertainment.

Call Tesco to replace lost or stolen Tesco Clubcards.

4. Buying ‘Zilla Eggs’ will help combat food waste


Zilla Eggs are egg-sized avocados that Tesco are selling in batches of six – they’re limited edition, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to smash them up for a spot of breakfast, and who can blame you, because they’re just as tasty as their bigger counterparts. Tesco bought 10,000 boxes of these tiddlers from South Africa, where the hot and drier than usual summer shrunk the avocado crop.

Call Tesco to ask your local Tesco whether they have Zilla Eggs or, indeed, standard size avocados in stock.

Avocado image copyright Tesco. Club Card image copyright M J T Mail, licensed for use under Creative Commons. Butternut Squash image copyright Tesco.